The Power of Friendship, Living Your Best Life & The Girls Bathroom: An Interview with Sophia Tuxford & Cinzia Baylis- Zullo


Based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, @SophiaTuxford and @CinziaBaylisZullo are life-long besties, influencers, bloggers, and hosts of @TheGirlsBathroom podcast where they focus on giving people the best advice on their dilemmas, whether it’s relationships, friendships, ‘situationships,’ and much more. It all started on their shared YouTube channel – they produced fun travel vlogs, clothing hauls, outfit challenges, and created the Girl Talk/Boy Talk series. From that series, they wanted to create a safe space for everyone to talk about their dilemmas along with giving inspiring quotes and manifestation on their podcast. The Power Thread sat down with Sophia and Cinzia to talk about how they met, the inspiration behind The Girls Bathroom podcast, and what being powerful means to them.  

Where are you from? How did you meet each other?

Sophia: We’re from Nottingham and we met on the first day of primary school!

Tell me more about why you created The Girls Bathroom podcast. 

Sophia: We love our podcast so much! It all started on YouTube a few years ago when we created this whole Boy Talk/Girl Talk trend. Our subscribers would dm us their dilemmas about their relationships, friendships, ‘situationships’, entanglements, etc. and we would just offer the best advice we could! Our subscribers really loved the mini-series, so we just felt like it could be its own thing i.e. The Girls Bathroom!

Cinzia: We created the podcast to provide a safe space for everyone to talk about their relationship problems. It’s much easier for us to give some semi decent advice because we’re not emotionally connected to the situation, so we try our best. We’re really into quotes and manifestation so you can expect to hear a lot about all of that!

What else can new listeners expect when they first come across The Girls Bathroom? What would you like listeners to take away when they listen to your podcast?

Sophia: It’s just a fun little space where we just all try and help each other out! We’re in no way experts on giving advice, but we try our best and just treat the dilemmas as if they were our own. I’d love listeners to feel reassured when they listen to the podcast. We get so many similar dilemmas – it’s nice to know that you’re not the only one going through something!

Cinzia: You can expect to find me and Soph giggling our way through each episode! Some dilemmas are crazy and some we can really relate to personally, so we try to give advice based on our own experiences! But it’s all light-hearted and fun! We try not to make things too serious!

What beauty products do you love right now, and why?

Sophia: My current favourite beauty product has to be the Vita Liberata Body Blur!!! I use it mostly on my legs and chest before a night out, and it just makes you look so smooth, it’s amazing! I also love the Morphe lip liners – I use Honeymoon just about every single day.

Cinzia: I’m in love with under eye gel patches. So random, but they feel like a little treat for my face in the mornings.

 What are some of your favorite self-care routines?

Sophia: I love just getting into bed super early, switching my phone off, and watching my favorite TV shows until I fall to sleep.

Cinzia: Running myself a hot and bubbly bath is literally my go to self-care ritual. Baths are so calming and soothing. I love them after a long day! Especially with a few candles lit, it’s heaven.

 How would you describe your own social media platforms, and what do you promote on your own channels? 

Sophia: I’d say my Instagram is mostly fashion-based. I feel like our Instagram’s are the more ‘polished’ version of ourselves and then YouTube is just more where we can have fun and not take it too seriously.

Cinzia: I love having an aesthetically pleasing feed! Right now, I’m really into pastels and florals, and I just love having a feed that’s easy on the eye. I also plan my feed out on a feed planner app.

You have been close friends for a very long time! What qualities do you love most about each other, and what are your favorite memories together?

Sophia: We’ve been close friends pretty much our whole lives! We became friends literally on the first day of school and then I think when we started secondary school is when we really became besties! I can’t think of one specific quality I love the most; she’s just amazing all around, but my favorite memories would definitely be travelling together or our ballet classes that we used to do when we were younger. So many funny memories from those classes!!!

Cinzia: I just think we balance each other out so perfectly. We’re total opposites but completely the same at the same time – it’s weird. All of our travels together have to be at the top of the list. I can’t wait until we can continue to travel the world again!

What does being powerful mean to you? 

Sophia: I think if you have true confidence within yourself then you are powerful. Confidence is something that I definitely struggle with, but I feel like true power really comes from owning who you are, what you’ve got to offer, and just believing in yourself!

Cinzia: Being powerful to me is when I’m working toward my goals!

What empowers you as a woman?

Sophia: The amazing females I have all around me 1000%!!!!

Cinzia: Self-acceptance is key to me. Knowing that I am beautiful no matter what people say or think.

Anything else to share?

You can follow us over at:

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And you can also follow our podcast @thegirlsbathroom

We also have released The Girls Bathroom apparel. Keep an eye out for lots more exciting things coming very soon!


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