The Power of Being Your Very Best Self: An Interview with Victoria Brown


Based in New York City, Victoria Brown is a Global Under Armour Athlete, Senior Soul Cycle Instructor, certified Life Coach, and Founder of @VeryBestSelf and the Very Best Self Project. She was recently featured on popsugar fitness. We sat down with Victoria to discuss her life journey, her involvement in the fitness industry, her group coaching program the Very Best Self Project, what she loves most about being a life coach, and what being powerful means to her. 

Tell us about your background!

I’ve been in the wellness industry for going on10 years now. I am a Senior SoulCycle/Variis Instructor, Global Under Armour Athlete, Life Coach, and founder of the Very Best Self Project.

How did you get involved in the Fitness/Health & Wellness Industry? What inspired you to be an instructor? 

I’ve been an athlete all of my life. I played sports year round in highschool and always found myself in love with the competitive nature, working as a team in order to succeed, and the different ways I could step up as a leader. I love reading books on athletes as well. Ray Lewis, Ronda Rousey, Abby Wamback, and Andre Agassi, all have incredible stories on the mindset needed in order to compete at the highest levels and win. 

Eight and a half years ago I was living in Los Angeles pursuing a TV Hosting career. I worked part-time at the front desk of the West Hollywood, SoulCycle studio. I had always missed the sports I played in high school and had the idea that I would audition to become an instructor. I got into the program and from the first day of training- nothing in my life ever felt more right. It felt like I had finally found where I was meant to be. All of my passions collided. It was the start of my fitness and life coaching career all in one.

I’ve always had so much fun riding with you in class, can you share your most memorable experience as a SoulCycle instructor?

Thank you! I taught for many years in Los Angeles, then Washington, DC, and currently New York City. During my time in DC we had a running joke that we worked so hard during classes that we deserved a pizza party. One day a rider in the class ordered pizza to the studio during class and during the stretch the studio staff brought in the pizza like we were in a nightclub and all 60 of us ate a slice post workout. It was the last class of the day and the party carried out into the lobby. It was a lesson on balance for sure. You can workout really hard AND eat pizza afterwards!

What is the Very Best Self Project and how did it all start? 

The Very Best Self project is my 90 day group coaching program where I empower women to rewrite their stories and live a more purpose-driven life through powerful daily practices and effective goal setting. The program is built on three pillars. Coaching, coursework, and community. With weekly group coaching calls, access to backend coursework, and accountability through community in order to create real, lasting change in your life. Oftentimes people find themselves feeling stuck in their lives. Wanting to make a change, but not knowing where to start.That’s where I come in. On the other side of 90 days the graduates have real tangible proof of the progress they made and feel proud of the changes they made in their lives as well as mental shifts they carry with them for future circumstances. 

What do you love most about being a life coach?

As human beings we are either our own cheerleaders or our biggest enemies. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we need to get out of our head, and out of our own way. I love helping people realize their potential. It’s a powerful experience when people realize they were the thing that has been holding them back. When they have the understanding that they are so much stronger than they were giving themselves credit for. They find their voice, own their seat at the table, and give themselves permission to dream a little bigger and cast the net a little wider.  

What has your journey been like to get to where you are today?

I am big on intuition. My journey has been filled with equal parts failure and success. It’s cheesy to say that I have followed my heart, but it’s the truth. When I was in college I knew two things to be true about myself. I remember going to my guidance counselor just before graduation and mentioning to her: I know I love public speaking, and I know I want to help people, how can I make a career out of that? She shrugged her shoulders and stared at the door, as if to say “go out there and figure it out kid” So, I did, and the course changed many times over, but what never changed, was the dream. I always say it’s important not to attach ourselves to the vessel. The vessel changes, the dream stays the same. I had no idea I would fulfil my purpose in the form of a stationary bike, and had my guidance counselor recommended that to me all those years ago, I likely would have thought she had lost it. I’ve never been afraid to try new things, I think it’s one of the reasons why I have found a lot of success. 

What are the top 3 things about you that describe your very best self?

A willingness to believe in myself, a willingness to try new things, and a willingness to fail.

Is there anything you like to do in your spare time/down time? 

My most recent hobby is learning calligraphy. Right now, I’m not any good at it, but I hope to be! I am also reading a lot of books on meditation and exploring that world quite a bit.

What does it mean for you to be powerful? What empowers you as a woman? 

I think we are the most powerful when we truly own who we are. We really are our own superpower. Every human being on this planet has a unique fingerprint, which leads me to believe that we are here for a reason. We cannot connect to our purpose by trying to be anyone else. Believing in our power, standing in our power, and moving courageously in our power is the kind of behavior that catapults our success. Powerful means, I am owning who I am. The good, the bad, and everything in between. 

As a woman I am empowered by aiding other women to do the same. 


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