Stella & The Power of Her Jacket


When I feel put together, I feel happier, optimistic, more able to be productive during my day.


“Being powerful means feeling confident, capable, and comfortable. I value comfort and how I present myself. Having a sense of purpose is what being powerful means to me.

Clothing is a form of expression. It can make you confident and feel happy, and it’s important to find things that make you feel good. Being from NYC, I value expressing myself with my clothing and being comfortable. NYC is very diverse and possesses an energy that you can’t find anywhere else–It’s a special energy to be around. It’s also a fashionable place, where it’s fashion, art, and energy brings a lot of cultures together.

In my freetime, I really love yoga. Yoga is something I’m really passionate about because I think the poses in yoga are very artistic and graceful. I find the intersection between the philosophy and the movement for practice fascinating–there’s so much to learn from yoga. It’s a philosophy I want to apply to my own life. I’m majoring in PNP (Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy) with a track in neuroscience and I love how three disciplines seamlessly complement each other.


My parents gave me this jacket for Christmas. It’s from the Lord and Taylor Design Lab, and I think it represents my style, which I would describe as comfy and casual with a little glam. This jacket is faux fur, which is something I’ve been into for a while. I think it’s very versatile, I can wear it in warmer and cold weather. This jacket is a staple piece for me. It’s navy, which makes it work well with a lot of outfits. The hood is comfy. It’s over sized so it can be dressed up or down. I feel kind of glamorous when I wear it but also causal.

When I feel put together, I feel happier, optimistic, more able to be productive during my day. Wearing this jacket, I feel confident, and comfortable which makes me feel powerful.”



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