Rachel & Skin Trip Lotion


“Being powerful for me is not necessarily about having power over other people, but having power over my thoughts and my reality.”


“I grew up in Santa Monica California and moved to Westchester when I was 10, so I have a mix of east and west coast style. My parents are documentary filmmakers. I have always been influenced by my artistic parents. I was really young when I lived in California, but I am definitely a mix of both. For example, I love surfing, but wear black like New York City. I tend to have a more serious side, but also really like to chill out and enjoy the California vibe. My background has influenced my interest in studying sociology, design, and possibly writing or film in college.

I really love activism and design thinking. I also love art. All types of art inspire me. I enjoy museums, film, writing and all mediums of expression excite me. I find human-centered design inspiring and trying to make a change in the world with design and thinking. I am interested in using design thinking to solve problems. Food and equity interests me. Thinking about food deserts, nutrition, supermarkets, restaurants, and how access to nutrition is shaped by our socio-economic differences really interests me. I hope to combine my interests to make a difference in this problem someday. But generally I am just obsessed with art, activism, and design in all forms.

My parents and residence in two parts of the country influenced my interest and ability to be powerful and impactful as a young adult.

Powerful means doing what I want and expressing how I feel regardless of what comes my way. It means feeling myself and feeling as if I am contributing something important to the world. Being powerful for me is not necessarily about having power over other people, but having power over my thoughts and my reality. For me, being powerful is about being mindful.”


“This product represents home, comfort, and my mom, all of which give me a base to be powerful and make a difference in the world every day. My mom told me she started using it in college and used it her whole life. In college someone told her it was the best lotion and to try it. She has used it for more than 30 years. I think she put it on me as a baby. The smell is very calming, warm, and free. The organic simplicity and free quality reflect what I value in life. I did not use it for a while as a kid, but I started using it again in college because it reminded me of home, which is empowering.

When I wear this lotion it makes me feel nostalgic. It reminds me of my mom, home, the ocean, water. It makes me very happy. It’s therapeutic to use every day. It has become a bit of a ritual that grounds me. The routine gives me a platform for every day.

The brand, Skin Trip, was created in Colorado. The brand has been making great lotion for more than 40 years. The ingredients are very safe, biodegradable, and never tested on animals. It is made with natural ingredients and no harsh preservatives. It is great for daily use, anywhere at any time.”

Skin Trip lotion can be purchased here:



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