Marika Frumes on The Power of The Ask


We sat down with Marika Frumes, Co-Founder of HER USA, which recently launched a membership in NYC. Marika told us about the power of human connection, and the importance of asking. She thinks vulnerability and the ability to ask show power. Prior to launching HER USA. Marika was the Director of Sales at The Standard Hotel. She has always been passionate about community and authentic connection.

What inspired you to launch HER USA? 
HER was born out of a love for genuine connection and a need for more of it amongst women. I was never a fan of formal networking and even less so of functions where people would peacock their resumes. I wanted to create an environment where women could “remove the filter”, be their most authentic self and in that state – create REAL relationships that rest on mutual support. We all struggle with imposter syndrome and self doubt, it’s human nature… coming together with other women should help us rid ourselves of these negative emotions. Through HER, we’ve created a formula and introduced “the ASK” which ensures our events and the interactions within them are grounded in authenticity. Asking is a powerful tool that we help all women harness.

What is the largest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it? 

Keeping this general, time heals all! In times of challenge I turn to experts, often in books to help me overcome whatever is in front of me. For personal, emotional challenges, The Untethered Soul has been a game changer in helping make sense of struggle!

What advice would you give yourself in your 20s?
Stay curious, ask lots of questions, hustle, be open to new people and experiences, help people where you can, take risks, always be in integrity with your highest-self and remind yourself daily that you are amazing. I also wish I found an older “life mentor ”who was genuinely invested in my long term success… I find myself craving that in my mid 35s…

What does it mean for you to be powerful?
I like the saying “be strong like a river, not like a rock.” I try to always rely on my “soft power”, my intuition, to guide me and those I impact in the right direction. I also think vulnerability and the ability to ask is showing immense power to the world.

Marika, is there anything else you wish to share? 

If you are seeking community, growth and general up-leveling in the world; consider your community as a great source to get you there. You and your life are the culmination of the people that you spend the majority of your time with. Look around, are you inspired by your company? ? HER is powerful platform for personal growth.

You can learn more about HER online or purchase a NYC membership here.


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