Lola & The Power of Comfortable Shoes


“This style and these shoes are not for everyone, but they are for me and wearing shoes that really make you feel good is powerful.”


I grew up in New York, right outside the city. I always noticed the very distinct styles in the city. People really show themselves. I find dressing in all black really cool. Dressing in black, I can wear something unique and different, but also have a refined style.

I’m Nigerian. Growing up in New York, my parents taught me to be very independent and organized. At age nine, I started taking the bus alone. Making sure I am ready for the day has always been important. I have always valued wearing shoes that are good for lots of walking and represent my style. Being able to move freely, be comfortable, and wear something I love, makes me feel powerful.


I loved these boots because I can really enjoy wearing them. They are both stylish and comfortable. The heel is made of rubber, which makes them easy for walking. I can wear them with an all-black outfit to give my outfit more character. Also, the heel allows me to be a little taller. A lot of my friends think I’m 5’ 5” because I often wear a little extra heel. Being from New York, I value both comfort and style. If I am ever undecided what to wear, I am always excited to wear these shoes. I don’t wear them every day because they can be a little flashy, but I feel really comfortable and cool when I wear them.

It’s very important to be comfortable in your outfit every day. It’s obvious when you’re wearing something that’s not truly yours. People should represent themselves in the best way possible and also be comfortable. This style and these shoes are not for everyone, but they are for me and wearing shoes that really make you feel good is powerful.

My mom had a big influence on my style. She loves prints and color, which I don’t. She loves cheetah print. These boots are snake skin, which are similar to my mom’s style except they are black and white which goes more with my neutral colored clothing. These shoes are something she would wear!

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