Lizzie, The Fun of Scrunchies, & The Power of Hoop Earrings



“I am very interested in policy and how it impacts society. Right now, I am a sophomore at WashU majoring in American Culture Studies with a minor in Legal Studies and Religious Studies. I started college studying art and want to continue it as part of my life beyond academics. Art has been a big part of my life and it functions as a lens for how I view the world. I grew up in Zion Illinois, which is on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. Zion is very suburban Midwest. At home I like to spend time in Chicago. The city has been a big source of inspiration for me. Every time I go to Chicago, I try to see new art or a mural. As a self-proclaimed artist it has helped me think about my own work and self-expression. I also love going to Chicago to go try different restaurants and vintage stores. I enjoy learning about the combination of food, culture and art, and how they are interdisciplinary in my life.

What does being powerful mean to you?

For me feeling powerful goes off of feeling empowered. I’ve learned that being in a position that is very comfortable for yourself can be powerful, as these are the moments I feel confronted to consider my growth and potential. The things that make me feel confident and powerful are aspects of myself that I have learned to love. Power and confidence relate to self-love and my own self-ambition.


I have always loved scrunchies! When I was little I would wear them all the time. My mom is really passionate about food, culture, and art. I would look at Vogue magazines with her as a child and was always intrigued by how whimsical fashion could be. I think scrunchies are great because they are something you can always wear. I think it’s a fun way to switch up putting your hair in a ponytail or bun. They are also coming back in style in the past year. So I’ve found myself coordinating them with my outfits and wearing them a lot.  For example, Balenciaga is making scrunchies. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court judge wears them a lot. I read that Ruth Bader Ginsburg even orders her scrunchies from Italy. I also read an article in from “The Cut” about how some women move through spaces differently while wearing them. I think scrunchies are a powerful fashion item that anyone can wear at any time. I bought this blue one during spring break. I wore it once and got so many compliments, I wanted to wear it again. I wear denim jackets a lot and I feel like they go well together. I like that it’s different. They are fun accessories for any outfit. I normally buy great scrunchies at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.


I have also always loved hoop earrings and anyone who knows me really well knows these are my go-to accessory. It’s crazy because I didn’t get my ears pierced until 8th grade. My parents always told me that I could anytime I wanted to, but I didn’t have the desire until 8th grade. Throughout communities of color, hoop earrings are something a lot of people wear. However, I grew up in a predominantly white community. As I got older I thought more about how hoops have been dated back to 2500 BC and all of the communities of color who have worn them since. Hoops have always been a symbol, but especially for women of color. I think hoop earrings unite people. I can go buy them at a hair store for $4 or at a boutique for $500. During my Christmas Break I went to Miami, I saw Black women wearing large thick hoops and men of color wearing small thin hoops. I think hoops function as a constant connection to my roots while I exist in predominantly white places. They connect me to others with similar experiences and wearing them feels like an act of resistance. I wear these specific hoops a lot because they are a thinner hoop and give off a minimalist aesthetic. I like that they are gold because my glasses are gold and thus they pair well. My mom bought these for me before sophomore year, and so they remind me of home; which definitely makes them one of my favorite pairs. My collection is fairly extensive, my other favorites are a sliver pair with diamonds, and a pair that say feminist on them, from Urban Outfitters.”

Fun scrunchies to purchase here:

Hoop earrings like Lizzie’s can be found here:



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