Lindsey & The Power of Her Hair


“As I’ve grown older and older, I love my hair more and more. I’m in a really good place with my hair right now. We love each other!”


“I grew up in Chicago on the North Side in the Bucktown nieghborhood. Being in a big city made me aware of my surroundings. It introduced me to art and culture. I got interested in cities and architecture at a young age. I love Chicago. I feel really strongly about calling it my home.

I started taking photography classes in high school, which introduced me to different parts of the city. I started photographing those areas which were interesting to me and brought me to better understand the city. I think the history of the city is interesting. I started to appreciate Chicago more when I was living in Colorado for college. Now I live in Colorado. I love the outdoors, hiking, skiing. I study English in school, so I’m into the idea of storytelling. I have a lot of interests right now. I’ve been very interested in women’s health and gender violence. I think I want to do something related to public health down the road.


To me, power means multiple things.

  1. Confidence is power. Knowing your capabilities and knowing you can do anything you want. Sometimes it’s hard to garner that feeling in yourself but people really can do anything.
  2. Being supported by my family and friends. I feel powerful when I have a lot of love around me. When I know other people are in my corner I feel powerful.
  3. I feel powerful when I’m doing activities in which I know that I’m good: when I’m writing, when I’m hiking, when I know I’m doing something great.
  4. I feel powerful when I’m leading trips for kids in the backcountry. I’ve lead trips for kids the past 3 summers, and I feel great when I’m doing that. When I’m positive impacting someone else I feel powerful. I feel good about my body, myself, and others.

There are two products that really make me feel great: DevaCurl hair products, which make my hair looking awesome and my Dansko pink clogs.


I have wild hair. It has a mind of its own. Growing up I really resented it because it was unruly. It was unlike other people’s hair in school. One friends would always tell me I had frizzy hair. No one wants to have frizzy hair. My hair took up a lot of space, and as women we are taught not to take up space. I would always blow out my hair because it felt easier to take care for. The standard sleek hair is what I thought was beautiful. As I’ve gotten older and older, I love my hair more and more. I’m in a really good place with my hair right now. We love each other! I know how to take care of it. I always know when it’s too dry or needs a trim. I think it mirrors my personality. It’s not frizzy; it’s fun and represents my personality! I feel empowered and like a boss when my hair looks great.

I have multiple products from Deva Curl and they are all great. I have gone through a lot of different hair stuff, and I feel like these are the first products that truly nourish my hair well. I get my haircut at Penny Lane in Chicago.


My shoes are pink Dansko clogs. I’m a huge fan of clogs. My love of them started in college. When I wear them, I feel like a queen. My pink ones are like Barbie dream house shoes. I love that they are pink. I don’t know why we are sometimes afraid to wear color. They are comfortable and fun. They make me feel great.”


Penny Lane Studios Chicago

Dansko clogs



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