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“I have always loved art. I did it as a kid, and I have always enjoyed making art. I think a lot of kids who create are driven to create by some impulse. I feel like the visual arts are the way I can contribute something positive to the world. Making art has always been second nature to me, so developing these skills has been really important. My parents have always been supportive of me making art, especially my dad. He always really loved literature, so he has been supportive of me being driven in a way that’s not as business-driven or traditional.

I finished working on my artwork thesis a few weeks ago. I have always had an interest in beauty, and how it has influenced Western culture throughout history. Beauty has been broken up into dichotomies: spiritual and subline, sacred and beautiful. My thesis tried to understand the conflicting ideas in beauty and attempted to unite them. The beautiful and sublime used to be split into feminine and masculine. My thesis is about these two conflicting ideas of beauty. I have barely scratched the surface of this topic, but I think it would be exciting to go deeper into the topic.


For me being powerful is being really independent and having a great close-knit circle of friends for when I need them. For me not always needing to depend on people is very important.


My brother and I share an obsession with Nike. For the last three years for my birthday and Christmas he has given me any pair of Nike shoes I wanted. Two years ago, I wanted Nike Advanced Blazers. They are actually men’s shoes. Originally they didn’t have sizes small enough for my feet, so I waited until they came out. They came in black, blue, and tan. I think the tan is cool and neutral. I hate lacing shoes so I like that these have zippers.

I love shoes because they each have their own personality. Different pairs of shoes represent different moods. Changing shoes can change the entire mood of an outfit. I love sneakers, and I love streetwear. I think it’s really interesting. I love these kind of high-top sneakers because they are kind of like boots and sneakers. They are a hybrid shoe. These shoes are my most complimented item by strangers. I feel like I can’t totally incorporate crazy clothing into my outfits. I mostly wear jeans and T-shirts, but I can always throw on a cool pair of sneakers and make my outfit pop. All of my sneakers are pretty sleek but they have an edge to them. These are my good vibe sneakers. I feel really cool in them. I know people always like them.”

Lian’s shoes can be purchased in navy here:



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