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“I’m a fan of understated power: modesty, poise, and subtlety are traits that I admire.”


I’ve always done my own thing when it comes to my style. I’ve always been drawn to looking put together and elegant. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which didn’t have a big influence on my style– it’s hard when most of the year outfits get covered up by big coats! My little sister is more like me when it comes to dressing, but my identical twin is less into spending time putting a lot of thought into what she wears. My mom has gotten more into fashion through me, and we both are obsessed with the store Byrd in Clayton. My dad is surprisingly chic and I think likes tagging along while the rest of us shop. He introduced me to drawing and encouraged my interest in art. We would sometimes spend weekends drawing together and have always loved going to museums. He has always inspired me artistically.

The visual world has always interested me. Currently, I’m studying art history and communication design, but I started college as a fashion major. At a young age, I was designing and making my own clothing. I also always loved writing. My interests in design, fashion, writing, and history comes together in my overall interest in visual culture. Graphic design became a way for me to combine my interests in both writing and visuals.


BVLGARI Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc has been a stable part of my wardrobe for close to ten years. It’s a funny story how I found it. No one in my family wears perfume, but wearing a nice scent always appealed to me. We were on a family ski trip in Beaver Creek and the hotel was stocked with really nice BVLGARI products. I was only 13 and fell in love with the lotion. I was at the age when friends had started to wear makeup and experimenting with what I found to be overly fragrant perfumes. I saved up my money to buy the BVLGARI perfume in the scent of the lotion at the hotel (something about the perfume just seemed so grown up and elegant that I chose it over the lotion). I actually get headaches from a lot of perfumes, but I love this one because it’s super subtle. This is actually not considered a perfume; its an eau de toilette. I don’t always wear it, but I love seeing it on my dresser and spritzing it on. I see it as a special addition to what I’m wearing.

To me this perfume is powerful because it has stood the test of time in my life. It’s an enduring smell that I have always loved. Other products come and go for me, so I think it’s really powerful that I still like it today. I’m only 22 and I’ve been using it for almost 10 years.

When you first spray it, it’s a floral, Artemisia smell. When it soaks into skin, it takes on a deeper note. Top notes are what you smell right away. That smell fades, giving way to the base note, which is a distinct musk. Another reason I like it so much, since I do get headaches from very feminine smells, is that it’s a unisex scene. I think it’s cool that this product can speak to both genders. One bottle can last a fairly long time; this one has lasted me about 1-2 years.


Being powerful means being self-reliant, having the confidence to march to your own beat and pursue your passions, while staying grounded. I’m a fan of understated power: modesty, poise, and subtlety are all traits I admire. This perfume has stood the test of time in my life, and always provides a subtle boost to my sense of self as I head out the door. It’s consistent, fresh, and only perceptible if you get close to me!”

BVLGARI Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc can be purchased below:





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