Jenn on The Power of Wellness and Nature


Jenn, where are you from?

I’m from Denver, Colorado. I lived in Vail after college and then I moved to Miami, and I’ve been there for the past ten years. I studied international affairs and business because I love traveling, and I wanted to study abroad in South America.

Why did you move to Miami?

I was cold!!! My goal after college was to live in a ski town and a beach town while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Every place I’ve lived has a way of helping me grow in some aspects. I think growing up in Colorado taught me to be nice, kind, friendly, and to care about the environment. Living in a big city like Miami taught me how to be more assertive in an environment where the culture is different from mine. And now, spending more time in New York, I am learning even more to be myself and not be afraid of who I am. The secret to success is leaning into myself and trusting.

What was your first job after college, and what are you doing now?

My first job after and during college was as a waitress. I was quite lost and trying to figure it all out. When I moved to Miami, I didn’t have a “career” yet. I took the time in the transition to work on myself and do my yoga teacher certification.  I started working for an organic yoga company, YOGiiZA. That led me to see the value in creating my own company and brand. Now, at age 32, I have founded and grown two six-figure wellness businesses of my own.

Where did your initial interests in yoga come from?

When I was a kid, being outside in nature in Colorado created a deep spiritual connection for me. Something would stir in my soul when I would see an amazing sunset or the breathtaking view from the top of a mountain. It was the awe of nature, of being outside and feeling connected.  That really defined my interest in wellness and ultimately led me to yoga.

Tell us about the company you are working on now.

I started my yoga company eight years ago when I wanted to own my own business. I am a holistic health and business strategist. I provide natural health solutions with yoga (mostly private lessons and special events) and dōTERRA essential oils. I am a diamond leader with  dōTERRA (top of the company in sales and leadership). They are the best quality essential oils. They are ethically and sustainably-sourced around the world. The back end is about getting people out of debt, especially women.

I realized that operating by myself was not enough to make the impact that I knew was possible. As my business grew, I needed to scale up and use my talents to support aspiring leaders and make an impact on the planet. Now, I spend most of my time mentoring other yoga/wellness professionals that are looking to grow their businesses and define themselves within the market.

I have never had a studio, and I’ve never really wanted one. I love to teach outside and in the most beautiful places. I create space for people to have a connection to the divine within themselves and outside themselves. One of my favorites was HeliYoga at the Pier 6 helicopter pad in New York City with wireless LED headphones. The headphones lit up and you could hear the DJ. It was amazing to teach that class as the sun was setting over the Statue of Liberty and the birds were flying above us.

What was another favorite class you taught?

One of my favorites was Beats Per Moment with a live orchestra in Miami. We had a composer choreograph the music. I choreographed the yoga sequence to go with the music, and it was outside in a garden at sunset at an ancient Spanish Manor. I do these big classes quarterly or when the mood strikes, and I have a great idea. Most of my days I teach my private clients and mentor wellness professionals. I also have online classes that are available for people everywhere on

How should someone get into fitness that currently doesn’t workout?

Schedule it into your week and get a buddy to go with you. If you do this, you will create a routine and make it part of your typical week. Routines define our habits and create our lives.

What’s the largest challenge you have face?

A challenge I often face is decision fatigue. The lack of having someone tell me what the right choice is, having to make all the decisions on your own can be hard. When you run your own company, there’s no one to ask: is this the right choice? How should I handle this?  I love working with doTERRA because this has made that challenge a lot easier for me. They have a great support system.

What is the most rewarding part of starting your business?

Having time, location, and financial freedom. I love being able to go anywhere when I want and determine my own paycheck.

What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs?

Find someone who has already done it and get support. Find someone in your industry that’s super nice and a little further along. I never had that in yoga, which is why I love helping less experienced yoga teachers and wellness professionals.

What does it mean for you to be powerful?

It means that I am rising up every day, and I am shining my brightest.

What are your favorite essential oils?

That is such a hard question because I love so many. You literally can use doTERRA oils for anything. For example, you can use them to boost your mood, reduce stress, support digestion, lose weight, clean your house, simplify your beauty and skin care routine.  You can even use them to balance your energy field. I love them because they are safer, cheaper, and more effective than anything else out there. If I had to pick three, it would be these:

Peppermint – I love peppermint for the daily pick-me up and focus that it gives when I diffuse it or apply it topically to my wrists and hairline.

Lavender – Stress can be a doozy and sometimes falling asleep can be hard when you are a boss babe. I swear all my good ideas come at 10pm. To make sure I am getting enough rest, I diffuse lavender all night long.

Frankincense – This is the best oil for all things. We have a saying, “when in doubt, use frank.” It is a very powerful antioxidant and works for many issues. Every day, I take one drop of frankincense under my tongue as a mood boost/stress reducer and for its anti-inflammatory properties. Frankincense, in general, promotes healthy cellular function and balances all of the chakras (energy fields). My favorite way to use it is around the eyes as wrinkle cream at night!

Please note that not all oils are created equally. There are a lot of issues for quality control in the world of oils. Only doTERRA CPTG oils are safe for internal use. Make sure you read the back of the bottle and follow directions before using or reach out to me so I can help you.


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