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“I was born in Boston, and I lived there for a few years, then my family moved to Chicago. My family is a big East Coast family. I spent my summer on the Cape, learned to sail, and eat lobster. I did a lot of competitive soccer in Chicago. In high school, I learned that I was really interested in English and writing. I have a severe speech impediment, but because I studied so much writing, I am able to completely talk around it. This made my more interested in paying attention to words and writing. At Brown University, I am concentrating in English, specifically creative non-fiction. I used to think I wanted to be a writer. I don’t want to be a writer, but I want to apply it to things. I am interning in New York City this summer at Vogue and a PR firm.

Aside from writing, I do a lot of weird art. I took an advanced drawing class at school. I like to do a lot of mixed media. I took an English class where I could turn in my essays as drawings. I was able to mix the two. I like poetry, but I prefer writing that is more understandable to everyone. I am also interested in fashion.


To me, being powerful means that you feel in control of yourself. It is really being able to focus on what makes you happy and sharing that happiness with the world. When I feel the most powerful, most confident is when I am happy, which comes from doing things I love such as going on runs, SoulCycle, fashion. I think that the most important thing, that looks so overlooked now, is being happy and just enjoying the moment you are in and being present in the moment you are in. People focus so much on the future.  People should focus on the present, who you are, who you have become, and what you can do. Power is something only you can give yourself. It is not through material items. Power comes from something deeper. Being powerful and being happy are very interrelated. Happiness comes from being a confident person. I am the happiest is when I do something because I believe I can do it. It is very internal that manifest externally.


I never liked that there are numbers in the world, and I love that SoulCycle isn’t about numbers.I  It’s all about yourself and how you feel. Besides SoulCycle, I go for runs a lot, never more than two miles. I try to do a fast two miles. I wake up at 5am. I always just wake up and go out for a run. I like to clean my room, and do everything in the morning. I do a lot of SoulCycle. I work for the Boston Studios. I am a campus ambassador. My job is to promote SoulCycle. It has a stigma of a really expensive workout. My job is to make it accessible for everyone. I hit my 200th class yesterday. The more regular you go, the better it gets. SoulCycle has been a form of therapy and relaxation for me. I probably go six times a week now, and I never thought I would do that before. It’s fun that my mom loves it too, so it is fun to go together. I feel so good when I exercise. I will drive far for it. I love the company (SoulCycle) so much, which is really important. When I think of something I am involved in, it is SoulCycle. It takes up a lot of time, but it is so rewarding. Not every part of the company is perfect; every company has some flaws, but I believe a lot in their mission and goals. I’ve written ten-page papers on SoulCycle. Being able to exercise like this all for yourself is awesome.”

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