Young, Fearless, & Lost

Right now, many of us sit in anticipation, anxious for 10:30. At 10:30 this morning the Senate will take its next vote to decide whether or not Brett Kavanaugh will continue his path towards a seat on the United States Supreme Court.

For almost two years, we have endured a man, who holds the highest office in this country, brag about sexual assault. Now, he works to appoint another man, to the highest court in this country, accused of committing numerous counts sexual assault.

We live in a society where and we as women are encouraged to hide them ourselves. It comes out of the same fear that z that was the product of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s hearing: we will not be believed, and offenders will not just walk free, but be protected by status and privilege. They will walk free and prosper.

Last week as Dr. Ford gave her testimony, I wondered how young women in this country are supposed to continue working and fighting to find their place, reach their goals, and be fearless, when our physical bodies are at risk at the hands of our own government. I wondered how many voices, how many women it will take, for the world to believe just one?

Dr. Ford’s testimony broke boundaries for survivors. As California Senator Kamala Harris stated, “Dr. Ford is a profile in courage.” Her  testimony spoke to why survivors often do not report right away. It was a testimony to the effects of trauma. It was a testimony to the fear and reality of women in the United States and the ignorance of this government to that reality.

What gives me hope, and I hope gives hope to others, is that the day of the testimonies  became not about Kavanaugh, but about Dr. Ford. It was the day thousands of women and their allies protested. It was the day those protests successfully delayed a governmental vote. It was the day one outstandingly brave woman decided to no longer be silenced and inspired a movement. It was the day that not only a nation, but the world, listened, and with so, so much hope, learned.

So, right now I sit, writing, pushing forward as Dr. Ford inspired so many of us to do, young, slightly fearful, but also in hope that the many stories of women, lost to societal pressures, will be found and finally heard, as 10:30 approaches.