Erin Meskers talks about PR, Mental Health and Change


Erin Meskers grew up in Connecticut and today lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She studied public relations with a minor in textiles, merchandising, and design. She has always dreamed of working in fashion, but not as a designer.

What did you study in school and why?

I attended the University of Rhode Island majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design. I have been interested in pursing a career in fashion since I was young and always planned on studying it in school. As I did internships and learned more abut the industry I realized that I wanted to be in Fashion, but not as a designer. As a comfortable public speaker and confident writer, I was directed towards Public Relations. I would also be lying if I didn’t say that Samantha on Sex and the City or Kelly Cutrone on The Hills had nothing to do with my choice too 😉

What is your job/career?

Events + Brand Partnerships for Supergoop!

What is a challenge you faced or currently face and how are you overcoming it?

I made the decision fairly recently to stop taking my depression, anxiety and OCD medication. While I certainly believe medication can be extremely beneficial, the side effects were harming me more than the medication was helping me. Re-learning how to live with depression, anxiety and OCD daily has been challenging and I have been experimenting with new ways to cope. I have been doing so with practices such as journaling, going to talk therapy, mediating/breathing with the app “Calm” and taking general care of my body by incorporating adaptogenic herbs into a vegan diet, starting to run again (for the first time in a long time) and focusing on sleep. I know this will be a life-long journey and am dedicating myself to learn how to better care for my mind, body and soul!

What does it mean for you to be powerful?

Personally, I believe being powerful is using confidence, strength and abilities to make a positive difference.

Do you have a favorite product or item you love that makes you feel great?

My cat makes me the happiest!

What are your passions, hobbies, interests?

I am passionate about politics, social activism, and animal rights. I plan to start dedicating more of my time to volunteering, especially as the 2020 election is coming up! I am very interested in holistic health and wellness practices. I would go back to school for nutrition and holistic health further if I ever have the opportunity.


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