Elena & The Power of Makeup



“I was born in New York City, and I lived there for four years before my family moved to Chicago. I have a twin sister and younger sister. I went to Francis Parker School in Chicago for 14 years, and now I attend American University. I love photography. My dad is a photographer, which helped spark my interest in photography. My favorite kind of photos to take are poriat photos in black and white. I also love animals. I have a cat and a new dog. I play tennis in my free time. I also have a food Instagram account @chitown_foodies with twin sister and best friend and have kept it up while at school. The food account on Instagram has helped me learn about and understand how to use social media. I have had fun trying new restaurants in Chicago with friends because of the Instagram account, and a lot of restaurants have reached out to us. This is now our fifth year running it. We recently reached 18,000 followers, and hope to be at 20,000 soon. The account mostly started with our friends from school following it and it grew through word of mouth. Something else I enjoy learning about in my free time is makeup. I am always watching YouTube videos about makeup and trying new products.


I love makeup because you can create so many different looks and you can never do the same look twice. Also, sometimes my skin doesn’t look great, but I can cover it up with makeup to help me feel more confident. I watch a lot of makeup tutorial videos to learn how to do makeup in different ways. I love doing makeup on a variety of people because everyone has different skin and wears makeup differently. I would love to combine my interests in makeup with social media in the future. I am studying communication, and I would love to tie that all together.


I like this product because it has sunscreen in it, which is very important for healthy skin. It’s a foundation but not full coverage. It will cover up a pimple, but will still show a freckle on your skin, which I think is important. A bit of your skin should come through. It’s also an anti-aging agent which is great for young people. I use this when I go out, so that’s probably twice a week. It can replace a foundation and be used every day. I discovered this product a long time ago. It is long lasting. I bought it at Ulta.


I love mascara because it really opens up your eyes. If you you are tired or sleepy, mascara can make you look more awake. I really like this one because it doesn’t clump. I love using black mascara because it can darken your lashes and make them look fuller.  I use this mascara daily. Just a couple coats can go a long way. I have had this bottle for almost a year now.I bought the mascara from Ulta, which is a place I frequently buy makeup from as well as Sephora. I love the variety at Ulta because they sell a large range of brands and price points.


The shade of this is Rose D’oro and it is from Target, actually. This is a great drugstore brand. If you just wear blush by itself, it can make it look like you spent a lot of time on your skin when you did not. My cheeks are naturally rosy, so this blush evens out the red. I have used the same blush container for about two years, and I use it about three times a week, so it has lasted me a long time.


What makes me confident is when people listen to me and incorporate my ideas with their ideas. I think collaboration is powerful. I feel powerful when my voice is being heard and my ideas are being implemented. When I wear makeup, I feel like I can create something on my face that makes me feel happy, confident, and conquer anything throughout my day.”

IT COSMETICS – YOUR SKIN BUT BETTER CC+ CREAM WITH SPF 50 https://www.ulta.com/your-skin-but-better-cc-cream-with-spf-50

LANCOME – GRANDIOSE WIDE ANGLE-FAN EFFECT MASCARA https://www.ulta.com/grandiose-multi-benefit-lengthening-lifting-volumizing-mascara

MILANI BAKED BLUSH https://www.target.com/p/milani-baked-blush-rose-d-oro-0-12-oz/-/A-39599177



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