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Debby Salazar is a Los Angeles based Event Planner and Blogger. She posts about style, health, relationships, natural remedies, and how to balance life on her blog and instagram. Debby is passionate about fashion, community, and female power. 

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Colorado, but I spent the majority of my childhood living all over Los Angeles. I was raised by a single mom who always worked two to three jobs to put a roof over my head and food on the table. We moved a lot. We started in Compton, moved to Downey, then to Santa Monica, and lastly to Culver City. My mom met my dad (step-dad, but I never looked at him like that) when I was eight and everything settled down after that. I was then blessed with my little sister, Eva, and our small little family started to grow. I went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I studied communications. During college, I was very confused about my path and what I was passionate about. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, and I didn’t know where to start, but eventually I found my way.

How did you get into event planning? How did your career develop after college?

While I was at UCSB, I started helping out at a pop-up club in Los Angeles. I would drive down on the weekends to set-up events and do set-design for them. It was such a fun environment to work in; I loved the thrill of stapling the last few pieces of decor 5 minutes before the doors opened. Also, during my time in college, I started interning at the Santa Barbara Education Foundation as an event coordinator. Both of these jobs are really what motivated me to pursue the whole event thing.

After I graduated from college I moved back to Los Angeles and started to work with a company in El Segundo called Kreate Events. I worked there for almost four years planning large-scale events. We planned special events for clients such as MLB, NHL, Disney, Fox, etc. We handled all of the hospitality parties surrounding the Super Bowl. So yes, I got to attend Super Bowl three years in a row!

Just recently, I got a new job at a venue in Hollywood called Neuehouse. I went through seven intimidating and nerve-racking interviews to land the job. My mom was the reason I kept going through the process. She would always tell me, “God has something important in store for you”. She really pushed me to go after this job, and she was the first one I called when I landed the job. Working at Neuehouse has been such an amazing change and experience. There’s never a dull day in the events department. Some days we have up to five events in one day in different spaces of the venue. Kind of a lot sometimes, but we all make it work.

What was your favorite event that you’ve planned?

A few years ago with Kreate Events I planned a big event at CinemaCon for Fox Studios. CinemaCon is a large convention hosted in Las Vegas once a year where all the big movie studios come together and share their slate for the next year. This particular year, Ice Age 3 was Fox’s big premiere. I worked with Vanilla Ice and dancers to create a spectacular presentation.  We won the first place award for the best presentation. That was pretty cool.

On top of your crazy work schedule, you also blog and share on Instagram regularly. What was the inspiration for your blog?

Break-ups are never easy. I started my blog (@Trynfinddebby) while I was going through a hard breakup. I was looking for a creative outlet, and I wanted a way to shift my focus off of the breakup and, instead, focus on me. I never mentioned my breakup to my readers. Instead, I focused on connecting with new people. I started following new accounts and began building relationships via Instagram. I then found an entire not-so-secret world of bloggers and influencers who have been so inspiring throughout the whole process! No more tears were shed from this gal! Girl power is strong! Once I saw how much this platform had to offer, I began to pursue my blogging and Instagramming a little more seriously, bringing me to present day trynfinddebby!

What has been the greatest take away from your blogging experiences?

I love blogging because of all the incredible people it has connected me to and all the opportunities it has given me. I have met so many inspiring women since I began on this path and worked with so many amazing brands, Fabletics, Acura, Gorjana, just to name a few. At a blogging brunch meetup last year, I met six amazing boss babes and we instantly clicked. Earlier this year, we decided we wanted to create a space for girls who were too shy to reach out but wanted to find a female community. Now, my girl gang and I create events once a month (@lasocialhour). We wanted to provide a place for women to come together, learn from each other, and experience meet-ups, events, and more.

What has been the biggest struggle for you through your career?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced was comparing myself to others. (It is hard not to in the world of advertising.) For awhile, I always felt like someone was doing more than me and doing a better job than me; I couldn’t get the competition out of my head. It is very difficult to step away from that mindset and realign with your values. Ultimately, I worked very hard to find who I am and what I am capable of achieving. My mom has been my biggest cheerleader and motivation along the way. She always has my back and reminds me that I am unique, strong, and focused. In the long run, I learned that my only competition is myself and that’s when I became more confident.

What makes you feel powerful?

Remembering my struggles and where I come from give me power. They’re what keep me humble and motivated to do more and do better. Losing my dad at an early age completely changed my life forever. Holding onto those moments that we shared and bringing them to my present is what gives me power. On a tangible level, wearing my layered necklaces makes me feel powerful; I can’t leave my house without them! When I wear them, I feel like they set me apart as an individual and give me an extra confidence boost.


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