Creativity and Expression: An Interview with Coy Johnson


Coy Johnson is an artist and founder of The Coy Collection, a brand selling handmade ceramics and jewelry pieces. The Coy Collection was created as a way for Coy to express herself in ways that she felt like she never could before. Coy believes that creativity is all around us, even if we haven’t realized it as such. To Coy, being powerful lies in being true to ourselves. 


Why did you decide to start The Coy Collection? 

Since middle school I have always wanted to start a collection of artwork and goods that I identified with because it seemed like we were all being forced to look/behave/buy certain things. I started The Coy Collection to share my art with the world and create a lane to express myself in my own way. 


What have been the most rewarding and most challenging parts of running your own business?

The most rewarding part of running my business is being an example to others that anything is possible! The most challenging thing right now has been maintaining balance, both mentally and physically, in addition to scaling my business during the most unprecedented time in history.


What is the greatest lesson that your art has taught you?

If there isn’t space for you to express yourself, create it!


How do you think more people can incorporate art and creativity into their daily lives, especially for those who don’t consider themselves creatives?

People who ‘don’t think they’re creative’ actually are, they just haven’t named it! We are all naturally expressive and our medium comes in different forms – art isn’t just a hyper realistic drawing or a crystal clear photo of a magical moment. Everyday we curate our apparel, decorate our home/work spaces, and design the things around us. We are always engaged in creative activities – we may have just not embraced it! 


What does being powerful mean to you?

Power is equivalent to growth and the ability to adapt while staying true to yourself.



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