Christine & The Power of a Casual Blazer


“Growing up in two different countries shaped the way I dress and see the world”.


“I was born in California and lived there until 8th grade, and then moved to South Korea, which is where my parents grew up. In South Korea I went to an international high school. Now I’m back in the U.S. for college. Growing up in two different countries shaped the way I dress and see the world.

Korean culture is much more formal than the U.S. Here, in the U.S., we can talk a lot more freely. I was shocked when I got to college how free and friendly everyone was. Conversations here are a lot more casual. In South Korea you have to address people differently, even if they are only one year older than you. Being extra polite is very important.

Living between two cultures, I grew up really enjoying learning about history. I specifically love Greek history. Learning about it at school both in the U.S. and South Korea was fun, and it’s always a fun topic.

Because Korean culture revolves around being professional and formal, that influences the way I dress. I love fashion and finding new fun items, but my Korean culture has influenced me to naturally dress more formal than most of my peers. I enjoy finding clothing that is comfortable for a busy day at school but also structured and formal.

If I feel more put together in the morning, it puts me in a particularly driven mindset for the day and makes me feel powerful. If I plan out my outfit, I feel empowered and ready to go about my day.”


“My Zara blazer made with light unstructured fabric makes me feel powerful. I love this product because it is a good balance of put-together and trendy, and gives me a good balance of confidence and motivation. I look at my clothes as a way for me to express myself and set an outlook for the day. Putting an outfit together that makes me feel ready on whatever the day has in store for me puts me in a positive and proactive mindset.
This is my casual blazer. It’s not too professional and it’s easy to just throw on and run. The jacket is a versatile item that’s both trendy and professional. I can wear it to school when I want to feel a little more put together or for an interview. The fit is perfect. Long coats are hard to wear because I’m short. The color is navy, which makes it more casual than a black blazer.

The jacket is from Zara, which offers fast fashion clothing at an affordable price, which I love because it allows me to purchase trendy as well as classy clothing items. Shopping at Zara allows me to keep up to date with the latest trends, and feel confident on a day-to-day basis. Consumer trends are changing rapidly and as a student I cannot afford the runway, but staying in style makes me confident day to day.
Today so much of our culture revolves around sharing our lives and putting together this image of yourself to the world. I want to present myself as professional and comfortable. This blazer portrays that. It is a professional clothing item made out of a comfortable, casual fabric.”



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