Art, Sustainability and Content Creation with Moya Mawhinney


Moya is an art history and English literature student at Trinity College and a creator on YouTube and Instagram focusing on lifestyle and sustainability content. 


Can you tell me about how you got started with YouTube and Instagram? What inspired you to start? 


I’ve been watching YouTube since I was 11. When I was in high school, I wanted to start a YouTube channel because I loved making videos. At that age though, you think everyone is going to hate you and it will be embarrassing. I wanted to start last summer mostly as a means of remembering my time at uni, but I finally started when I was in New York and properly got into it since the start of quarantine. I love the creative aspect, and I also love the community. I wish I had started sooner, and I say “just do it” to everyone who’s interested in starting a channel. 


Your videos focus on sustainability, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Where did those interests come from? How did you decide for them to be the focus? 


A good thing having started YouTube later is that I refined my interests. I started at a point where I already knew what I liked rather than growing into it. A lot of the content that I do watch is lifestyle focused. With the rise of Ashley, @bestdressed, sustainability has also been successfully integrated into popular content. 


My mom has always been a sustainable person and always shopped at charity stores and thrift stores. So, it’s been a part of my life as well. I also love fashion and watch a lot of hauls and follow proper fashion influencers. But, the more you look into fast fashion, you see the problems. I feel weird calling myself a sustainability influencer because I know I’m not perfect and don’t think I ever will be. I will probably buy the occasional item from a brand and will continue to travel because I love it. However, shopping more sustainably is just one thing that I know that I can change in my life. It is nice and interesting to do my little part in sharing sustainability especially since it’s been a big part of my life from my mom. 


What does being powerful mean to you?


I did have to think about this for a bit, but I think owning every part of yourself. Owning the things that you used to be anxious or negative about. But also owning your dreams and your goals. The area where I grew up, Belfast, and generally British and Irish people, are quite humble. The way we present ourselves is not self-deprecating, but we never really show off our full potential. So, to be proud of your dreams and goals is powerful because once you own it, then you have put it out in the universe, and you have to do it now. 


What is something that brings you power when you need it?


I’ve been journaling since I was 8 years old. Through high school, it was about my day-to-day, friendship drama, boys I fancy, but, now, journaling has become such an important part of my self-care and building my self-confidence. I will write down letters to my future self, and I’ve recently gotten into scripting and the Law of Attraction. You write down your dreams and goals in the present tense. You write them all down as if you already have achieved them. Reading back those pages makes me feel powerful because I feel in control with what I want in life and my emotions. It’s nice to put it all down on paper and then figure it out. 




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