Amanda & How To Be Yourself



I am currently living in Toronto working on growing my career as a pop and musical theater artist. I was always passionate about acting, dancing, and singing, and decided late in 12th grade that I wanted to pursue this as a career. I got into the top musical theater program in Canada, and just completed my Bachelor of Music Theater Performance Degree at Sheridan College. It was very challenging, but the most rewarding experience of my life. During college and working on my career in musical theater, I felt at home as I was able to become the best version of myself. I started to learn how to market myself as an artist and create my own brand. I started using fashion to set myself apart from others, and I began to own my personal style.


To me, being powerful is not being afraid to take up space and to stand for what you believe in. I believe that women need to be seen, heard, empowered, and respected. Having a strong sense of self and owning your uniqueness is the key to a successful career. This mantra manifests itself for me in fashion.


Leading ladies have been portrayed for so long in delicate dresses and skirts. However, I feel a tremendous sense of strength when I wear pants to an audition. They make me feel comfortable, confident, and in control. Every time I walk into an audition room my goal is to look like a queen, and radiate confidence and positivity. Contrary to audition etiquette and expectations, I have never worn a dress to an audition, and am often the only one in pants. My motto has been “simple black jeans, killer heels, and a funky top.”

Many of my friends joke around with me that I have no colour in my wardrobe, but that has quickly become a positive trademark of mine in the industry. By staying true to myself, and embracing my personal brand, I have found success in booking work. I am currently in a new Canadian Indie Rock Musical, sing lead for a band, teach pop vocals all over the city, and recently booked a touring concert version of Grease. None of this would have been possible if I wasn’t 100% myself in the audition room.


For an audition, my favorite pants are black skinny mid rise jeans by Hudson. They are full length, have no rips in them, and are super comfortable and stretchy. You can dress them up with a fun blousy top and edgy heel in the summer, or even wear them casually with a belt, basic tee, leather jacket, and demi boot. My favourite look is wearing them with a fierce turtleneck and my knee-high black Weitzmans in the fall. Definitely check them out, they are so versatile 🙂



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