Alexis Rosenbaum, Founder of Rosebud CBD


Alexis Rosenbaum is the founder of Rosebud CBD. Her company aims to bring high-quality, organic CBD oil to customers while serving as an educational platform to provide facts and bust myths about CBD usage and industry. ⁠

Where are you from, and how did it shape who you are today?

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I attended all of my schooling in Ohio and left for college to attend Morehead State University in Kentucky.

Growing up in the midwest had a lot of pros and cons. The midwest gave me a really safe and free childhood — playing outside and riding bikes to my neighbors. There is a very affordable cost of living in Ohio — making it easier to have a house and raise a family. But, there is a perpetuation of non-progressive ways of thinking. Being around close mindedness impacted me greatly. As I grew up and moved away, I began to notice the norms of thinking more, and I became determined to challenge the way I think.

What inspired you to start Rosebud CBD?

I had spent most of my life against cannabis. It was a value of mine to be anti-weed. I  didn’t engage with people who consumed cannabis because of the negative stigma that came along with it, and as a Type A person, it seemed to be a substance that would negatively impact my goals and dreams. I first decided to experience cannabis on my 29th birthday, and it was an eye opening experience in which I saw how misinformed I was about the plant and its usages. I know I am not the only person who grew up in the midwest under these really scary D.A.R.E programs, and I knew I could play at least a small part in changing the conversation around cannabis. While I am a huge proponent of the whole plant including all cannabinoids, such as THC, CBD is a great way to start to get people to see the plant in a different light. My misconceptions were a big motivator for me to dive into the world of cannabis.

What have you learned from starting your own company?

The number one thing I’ve learned is to get used to, and good at, rolling with the punches and problem solving. There is a new fire everyday, and the ability to work with those hiccups leads to success. A lot of businesses fail because they don’t know how to handle some issues or changing landscapes.

Patience is something I’ve also really learned in the past year with building Rosebud. There aren’t industry standards or regulations and there is no one to look up to who has created a CBD company like this before. I’m kind of walking in the dark everyday, finding my way.

What are the greatest misconceptions about CBD/cannabis usage?

In general, some of the big misconceptions are that hemp and cannabis are different plants when, in fact, they are just two different varieties of the same plant. It seems in our current landscape, people are leaning more toward half accepting the fact that when they are consuming or supporting  CBD that they’re also supporting cannabis. We can’t have one without the other.

Another misconception is that CBD is a quick fix. You have to be willing to consider the whole user, how their body functions, and their day-to-day decisions with diet, sleep, routine, and more. You have to be patient to find the right dose and usage.

Lastly, that cannabis consumers are lazy and worthless. Some of the most intelligent and forward thinking people consume cannabis, and I personally am an all around better human being, boss, and more productive when I consume cannabis.

What do you expect the future of the cannabis industry to be? What do you hope for the future of Rosebud?

It is exciting to consider legalization world-wide or nation-wide. But, our culture of consumerism and capitalism is going to find the fastest and cheapest way to raid this plant. So, I hope that with legalization comes regulations and regenerative practices that are guided by respect for the plant. I hope the legal market further encourages expungement and leans toward social equity for people of color.

To date, Rosebud is a CBD-focused company. In the future, we envision entering a more wellness focused approach, including all cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. I dream of owning a vertically integrated cannabis company with channels of distribution that include our own dispensaries and boutique cannabis friendly hotels.

What are your hobbies?

I am a really simple person – I love being home. My hobbies include traveling, coffee shop hopping, crossfit, and getting outside. My favorite hobby is cannabis and I love to smoke weed and do whatever I feel like doing – taking a bath or having a conversation. I am a work-aholic; I love working on projects. I have a side hustle of flipping houses and managing rental properties.

I’ve never had a “real job.” I have always worked multiple side jobs and have always been determined to make a life for myself on my own dime. I’ve attempted to start several smaller businesses from vintage shops, personal and home management, full service athlete training and life skills training programs, sports inspired jewelry line, and now a cannabis focused business. I think public school really opened my eyes to how much I dislike being told when I can use the restroom or travel.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve experienced in your life or career?

My greatest personal challenge right now is that I am on a journey to have a baby. There is so much that comes with that. As a female entrepreneur, I am not sure if I am meant for this. Why can’t my husband have a baby?! Also, we can’t get pregnant naturally, so the biggest challenge is having faith that whatever decision we make is the right one and whatever will happen is the right thing for us.

No one really talks about the shame and guilt surrounding non-natural pregnancies.  But it is a big, difficult thing to figure out — how am I going to grow my family? Should I adopt, foster, surrogate? Will I go childless? That is a lot to consider. I don’t think a lot of people understand how difficult it is to weigh all of the options in addition to the $30k cost of IVF.

What does being powerful mean to you? What makes you feel powerful?

I think a lot of power comes from strong listening skills, something I am personally  working on. I admire and respect leaders who have the ability to make you feel heard.

I feel the most powerful after a double shot of espresso. I feel really in my element post cannabis. All the self imposed barriers, and society’s rules of how I should think or what I should think, dissapear when I smoke weed, and I feel really great about myself. It feels powerful to love myself.

Update from April 27th:

How has the pandemic altered your life and career? 

I work from home full time so my life and career hasn’t been altered too much. I am really grateful to be in an industry that can help others care for themselves. I have several friends who have experienced hard times because of the pandemic.

Or how has this pandemic altered your relationship to your home or environment?

My home is a 1950’s mid century ranch that my husband and I have been personally renovating for almost a year now. It has been a personal passion project to build us a home that fuels connection, imagination and is our place of comfort. The pandemic has only amplified our love for our home and for the spaces we have created.

How are you continuing to cultivate your most powerful self during this pandemic?

I am sticking to my routine and habits that serve me. I’ve made small challenges such as screen time limits, trying new things like puzzles and playing cards, and cooking with my husband. I am not pouring a ton of pressure on myself, just getting back to the basics and thriving with what we have at hand.

Stay in touch with Alexis!

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