Alex on Looking for Heroes

Alex is the founder of Looking For Heroes, a project dedicated to sharing empowering stories of everyday people. ⁣We discussed the challenges she has faced with doing it all and growing her platform on the side of work, and what it means for her to be powerful. ⁣

Where did you grow up and did it influence your creativity today?

I grew up in a small city in Poland. From a young age, I communicated through writing. When I was little this need for putting my feelings on paper expressed itself through writing poetry. The first accomplishment I can remember was for writing, for a short story I wrote that also included a poem. I still remember the poem to this day.

I never thought of myself as a creative person until I started working as a creative strategist after moving to London. Being in a creative agency, around so many creative people, sparked something in me. Today, what influences my creativity is everything I come across. It could be a new smell, a new pattern, new color, new design, a new way of seeing something, or somebody’s story. I keep my heart open to new perspectives.

What did you study in school, and what did you originally want your job to be?

I am one of those people that will have a variety of professions on their CV by the time they retire, and I feel my education reflects that about me. I have two bachelor’s degrees, one in journalism and one in English. My master’s, however, was a mixture of many subjects, something perfect for a person like me. I enrolled in a master’s degree for Interdepartmental Studies, which meant I had to choose one subject as my foundation, but I could also attend subjects in other departments as long as they were within the field of humanistic studies. This meant I could attend classes in psychology, cultural studies, Polish language, Spanish language, and English. Ever since I was a student I knew that I wanted to write about people. I loved both writing and listening to people’s stories, and for a big part of my life, I expected to work in journalism.

Where do you live now, and what’s your day job?

I live in London and work as a strategist in a content agency. I find something new to learn in every brand I work with and I love digging into current global trends. I find it very inspiring.

What is Looking for Heroes, and why did you start the project?

Looking for Heroes is a project dedicated to sharing empowering stories of everyday people. I started the project out of my own need for more inspiration. At the time, I was fighting with depression and needed to find strength and courage to fight for myself and for my dreams. I believe that everybody has a story to share, everybody has something to teach and that we can and that we should be our own heroes. I find that the courage we see in others, we can also find in ourselves, and stories help with that.

We are our own heroes

when we decide that nothing is going to break us

We are our own heroes

when we hear no

and instead of denying ourselves the power to create our dreams

we say to ourselves:

I am going to make it happen anyway

We are our own heroes

when even though our chest is filled with pain

we move forward step by step towards a better tomorrow

We are our own heroes

when we decide to love ourselves


with everything we have been through

with all the scars

with all the challenges

When we marvel at our own beauty

at our own strength

at our own persistence

at who we are as people

We are our own heroes

when we use our voice

even when it’s shaking

When we hold ourselves accountable

for what we bring into this world

We are our own heroes

every time we give love

give help

every time we heal

ourselves and others

every time we listen

With every prayer

With every moment of looking inwards

With every string of courage

We change the world for the better

We are, after all our own heroes

What has been your biggest challenge with starting Looking for Heroes?

Finding the time and energy to do it all. From the beginning of starting the project, I had a 9-5, so most of my free time was dedicated to creating content for Looking for Heroes. With time, things started piling up and, when I started working on my first fashion collection, there was always a lot to do and so little time. Having so much on my to do list can be very overwhelming. I know that I always have to prioritize my physical and mental wellbeing so I am learning to take some time out, rest, recharge, and enjoy myself more.

Where do you see it going over the next few years?

I know that in the future I will lead a sustainable, ethical business with spiritual principles of respecting people and the environment at its heart. From its beginning, Looking for Heroes was about empowering and championing people. It was always about creating a difference through stories and, as I am working on the first products, these are the values that I want to put at the forefront.

What does it mean for you to be powerful?

Being powerful means knowing

that you are here for a reason

that you matter

that you are worthy of your dreams

that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles

that you have a voice

and using it to change the world for the better

Being powerful means

loving yourself unconditionally

It means taking full responsibility

for your own life

and never

under any circumstances

giving up on yourself and your dreams

What are your other passions, hobbies, or interests?

I am a student of wellness, meditation techniques, crystals and essential oils. I love creating things whether it is a poem, a story, or a candle. I love bringing ideas from my head to life.

I am a passionate reader. Self-help and spirituality have always been my favorite sections in a bookstore. I also love learning from people and always find something interesting in someone’s biography, or a documentary. I love hearing from entrepreneurs and change makers and learning from their journey.

Do you have any other fun facts you want to share?

My New Year’s resolution was to enjoy more. I am trying to have more fun whilst building the project and business of my dreams and to let go of expectations and impatience. Things take time to materialize in the real world, and I am learning to trust that things will be ready when the timing is right.

Photos By Kevin Berry


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