We discuss confidence, activism, feminism, and mental health to humanize social media and inspire and connect women.

Power comes in all forms. It’s about finding a common truth that is within all of us. Authenticity and connection makes us powerful. The Power Thread is here to build community that brings this truth to life.

Our team interviews women and shares their creative ideas and experiences through our website and Instagram. Through telling the stories of everyday women, we highlight the experiences and personal possessions that make women powerful while covering a wide range of topics – feminism, activism, mental health, entrepreneurship, and travel.


To celebrate and inspire women to be their most powerful self through inspirational stories, events, workshops, and social communities.


We tell stories based on connection, creation, authenticity, and inclusivity.

Connection: We have real conversations where women can connect and learn from each other.
Creation: We are always growing and creating new inspiring content.
Authenticity: We strive to share the authentic, true stories of everyday women.
Inclusivity: We value diversity and find ways to be inclusive through sharing stories from women with different identities and career paths.

A lover of fashion, creativity, communication, and empowering people, Maria recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with majors in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Fashion Design. She founded The POWER Thread to humanize social media while connecting women and style together. Born and raised in Chicago, Maria has worked with designers, artists, and businesses in Chicago, St. Louis, New York, London, and Budapest. She also spent time in numerous cities including Los Angeles, Paris, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and Bangkok, to name a few.

Over the past five years, her passion and drive have led her to work with multiple fashion companies, including Gap Inc, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, Bloomingdale’s, and numerous start-ups. She is excited to move to New York City in the fall to continue collaborating with innovative brands.

Hannah, a Chicago native, is currently residing in New York City and works in book publishing. Previously, Hannah has worked at PR and marketing firms, and also spent three years at a writing center, collaborating on pieces of writing ranging from creative stories to scholarly essays. Helping others to articulate and share their stories has been at the heart of much of Hannah’s previous work, and she continues to aid in the dissemination of stories at The Power Thread, where experiences of strong women are consistently highlighted.

5’4’’ on a good day but the shortest triplet in the family every day, Willa hails from Chicago and is now living it up in New York City with friends. She graduated from Barnard College with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish and Latin American Studies and is now pursuing a career in Marketing and Sales. After Barnard, Willa continues to look for ways to cultivate similar spaces for women to feel empowered and to thrive. Willa is passionate about storytelling and meeting new people – hit her up if you want to grab a cup coffee or hot chocolate! Outside of work, you can find Willa eating, water coloring, or boogieing to fun and funky playlists.

Proud of her quirky sense of humor and her contact improvisation (look it up) moves, Yuwei is a graphic designer and artist based in New York City. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor of Fine Art and minored in Psychology and Design. Yuwei’s personality is just as colorful as her purple hair, and when she is not working, she loves to experiment with fashion and explore new parts of the city. As a queer woman of color and an activist at heart, she is passionate about expanding the definition of female empowerment and what it means to be a woman at the Power Thread.

Stella is a junior at Washington University in St. Louis majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology, and minoring in Creative Writing and Organization & Strategic Management. As a New York City native, Stella is passionate about traveling, healthy food, writing, and yoga. At WashU, Stella is a member of a professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and works as a Career Peer at the WashU Career Center. In addition to her studies and other activities at school, Stella is a contributing author for Thrive Global, a platform dedicated to reducing burnout culture and promoting well-being and mental health.

Clara was born and raised in Los Angeles but moved to New York to attend Vassar College. Currently, she is a sophomore at Vassar College as a perspective Environmental Studies and Cognitive Science double major with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Clara is a photographer for the Vassar fashion magazine, Contrast, and a proud member of the Vassar Greens, an organization focused on sustainability.

An explorer at heart, Clara is always on the go. She fell in love with travel, culture, and photojournalism when she went to live with a family in Lithuania in 2015. Since then her travel bug has taken her to see many wonderful places including Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Hungary, and Israel. She enjoys learning about new people and places and sharing with the world through the incredible storytelling powers of photography. If she’s not on the go, you will often find Clara embroidering on old clothing or photographing her friends and surroundings.

There are two things Rosie Kopman cannot live without- shoes and words. Both have carried her through an undergraduate degree at Rhodes college in English focusing on Creative Writing, while minoring in Gender Studies and Art History. Rosie is currently wearing a cream snakeskin ankle boot while working on her MFA in Fiction at the College of Charleston, and writing a new series for The Power Thread, “Young, Fearless, and Lost”.

A small town Ohio native Mercedes Wallace moved to a slightly larger town of Toledo, Ohio to attend the University of Toledo for college. After graduating with a degree in Public Relations she stayed local and began building roots in the marketing and business development world. As a publicist she loves helping people and companies tell their stories in a unique way that elevates their brand. Her thick feminist bone and passion for people drew her towards being an ambassador for The Power Thread. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking enough coffee to make her hands shake, playing with her dog, or saying something that could have probably used a filter

Jada is a mixed-race writer currently living in Australia. She is known for her role as a pioneer in the creative community for encouraging creative freedom, self-expression, and individuality through her poetry and prose.

Born in Auckland, she lived in Italy before settling down in Australia to pursue her schooling. Now, after graduating from high school and sitting upon the cusp of adulthood, she is taking a two-year gap year before moving across the country to attend The University of Melbourne. where she plans to study a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in literature and philosophy.

In her free time, Jada enjoys sitting in theatres, getting lost in galleries, and working on her craft in the library. She gifts her friends books with handwritten messages in the cover and documents the little moments life has to offer on her film camera. She has her hands busy with photography, oil painting, collaging, and weaving.